Senior Yoga

Thursday         10:00-11:00am     Senior Gentle Yoga*     San Bruno Senior Center
Thursday          2:15-3:15pm        Senior Gentle Yoga*     Woodlake San Mateo

Senior Gentle Yoga   
This is a 55+ class with students ranging up to mid-80′s. You are welcome to bring your own props, but these facilities do not have their own, so bring a mat & a towel and anything else to be comfortable. We stretch and strengthen all areas of the body, including wrist, hand, feet and ankle exercises, with a slightly different emphasis each week. The class creates challenge opportunities such as transitioning to standing through downward facing dog, or simply coming from seated to standing as gently as possible. Those recovering from injuries and of all ranges are welcome. We will explore poses that will open, heal and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. You will feel nurtured and supported during the entire experience.

*Register for an entire semester for the best discount, or purchase class passes in advance from the San Mateo Adult School, 789 East Poplar Avenue, San Mateo.