Company Picnic & Family Day Wellness

Family Yoga during Bring Your Child to Work Day has been a hit at the You Tube offices the past couple of years. Please consider this great kids alternative for company picnics or other family day events.

Consider doing yoga outdoors! Getting fresh air in the middle of your workday is great! I even encouraged Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray, to practice yoga outdoors for his first time prior to his concert in the Bay Area & he loved it so much he talked about his 1st outdoor yoga experience on stage that night.

Booking One Therapist / Instructor / Wellness Activity Facilitator 
Rebecca Blake is available for leading classes, workshops, group activities, meditation sessions, one-on-one healing sessions. 415.378.7001.

Booking a Team of Therapists / Instructors / Wellness Activity Facilitators
If you are interested in bringing multiple yoga classes, many massage therapists, therapeutic catering & other healing modalities to a large event or conference, I am pleased to introduce an entire wellness team with my magnificent partners at ONE EXHALE, a team who takes care of your team. 516-423-9087 (M-F, 9-5)