Kid & Teen Yoga

Tuesday             2:45-3:45pm      Kid’s Yoga (3-5)                 Golden Gate Music Together
Oct 9                                                                                     3429 Sacramento Street, SF
Sample Class! RSVP via email or phone. Limited Space. $10

Sundays            12:30-1:30pm      Kids Yoga (all ages)      Sports Basement in Presidio
(2nd Sun)                                                                           610 Old Mason St (Crissy Field)
FREE!                                                                                San Francisco

Toddler Yoga (2-4 yrs.)
This class playfully introduces toddlers to the practice of yoga at an extremely impressionable age, or is the progressive class to follow Baby Yoga. It introduces dedicated time for exercise & relaxation. Caregivers are encouraged to participate with the registered toddler to continue to strengthen the parent/child bond, but it is not a requirement. At a time when their bodies naturally become busier, Toddler Yoga helps little ones discover and enhance physical and social development in a fun-loving, supportive and playful atmosphere.

Mini Flow Yoga (3-5 yrs.)
This class is taught in a fun, playful, supportive and explorative format. Children’s classes are taught in a circle. We practice breathing to a five-count and yoga asanas as animal poses or other nature poses such as tree, rock, mountain and volcano. In this class, children will begin to stimulate and strengthen their hand-eye coordination, group cooperation and self-exploration at an extremely young age. Games & books often taper down the class during the last 10-minutes, followed by a mini-relaxation exercise.

Junior Flow Yoga (6-12 yrs.)
This class is taught in a fun, playful, supportive and explorative format. At this age, we will continue to bring in an element of silliness and playfulness, but there will also be quiet relaxation time. This class supports children in developing strong and flexible bodies, and the poses also stimulate the brain. The kids will be taught relaxation techniques and tools to cope with stress, which will be useful throughout their entire lives. These skills will enhance their social skills and self-esteem, will allow for better sleep and will balance their bountiful energy.

Teen Flow Yoga (13-17 yrs.)
Any of the classes that are described on the “Adult Yoga” page can be taught to teens in the age range of 13-17 years old. I am pleased to teach Teen Yoga classes in traditional yoga studios, schools, libraries, youth centers, organizations or wherever needed or requested. Yoga is essential for developing youths to utilze as a tool for dealing with stress and for excercise.

Unique Uplifting Youth Programs
I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with “at risk” teens in juvenile hall and at various teen centers in Southern California & the Bay Area. I also volunteer weekly teaching PreNatal Yoga to pregnant teens through TAPP. In addition to traditional yoga, I teach a multitude of methods of expression and positive development ~ some of which include Tai Chi, Meditation, Visualization, Nature Appreciation, Cultural Awareness, Health & Nutrition, Dance and basic Human Worth, Goodness & Kindness Exploration Activities. I can work with any school, club, organization, sports team or facility to customize special programs.  

“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” 
~Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl