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Ignite Within! ~ lighten up, lift up

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Breathe. Smile. Be kind & genuine. Those are just a few of my daily mantras. I am a lifelong student of life; ever-searching to deepen my purpose in this one. I embrace it. And I encourage all to. Connecting with others. Exploring nature. Unfolding secrets of how it is all connected. Reaching inside. Deepening that connection. The more we laugh, the better it is. So we can lighten up. Lighten up our spirits. As well as our footprint. Lift up. Keep our heads up high. Lift up our faith. It doesn’t matter how we get to it. But have faith! Rise to fulfill this life. With Truth, Compassion, Patience, Grace & …Humor!!!”

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Rebecca Yogarina Heartfly ☼•*•.¸¸☆•*´¨`*•.¸¸­.

“I swear I will not dishonor my soul with hatred, but offer myself humbly as a guardian of nature, a healer of misery, as a messenger of wonder, as an architect of peace.”       ~Diane Ackerman